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Level 2 – Chapter 1: Introduction
Level 2 – Chapter 2: Awakening
Level 2 – Chapter 3: Wallpaper
Level 2 – Chapter 4: Moving In

Level 2

Chapter 5 – Insomnia

06:14 PM

Landon walked through the door of his house, happy to be home. He put down his suitcase, took off his jacket and threw it on the couch. He could hear birds singing through an open window. He felt relaxed just standing there and listening.

‘Honey, I’m home!’ he yelled smiling.

There was no answer. He figured she was probably upstairs. He gently walked up the stairs, careful not to make any noise. When he got upstairs he looked around and saw light coming from beneath the bathroom door. He smiled and went toward the door. Gently turning the knob, he opened it. Candles filled the bathroom with a dim, relaxing light and steam was coming out of the bath tub, which was filled with hot water.

‘Landon! You’re home early!’ said Chloe from the bath tub.
‘Hey, want some company?’ asked Landon while taking off his clothes.

Chloe smiled and arched her index finger twice, calling him. He gently got in the tub with Chloe and laid his head back, tired from a hard day’s work at the office.

‘Another one of those days, huh?’ asked Chloe as she took his hand into her own, comforting him.
‘Yeah, all that paperwork drives me crazy. I wish I had a more exciting job.’
‘Come on, lighten up. What can I do to make you feel better?’
‘Being here with you already makes me feel better,’ said Landon smiling.

They both leaned toward each other and kissed. As Landon closed his eyes, he felt as happy as he had ever been. He wished this moment would last forever. He wished this kiss would last forever. As he opened his eyes, he found himself in an old, dirty bathroom. The candles were unusually bright and an unearthly stench filled the room. It smelled like death. The bathroom looked as if it was taken right out of a horror movie, which made Landon feel uneasy. Chloe’s hands around his neck felt strangely unfamiliar. When he turned his head to look at her, he realized he was holding a decaying corpse in a bath tub filled with blood.

Three loud bangs made Landon jump out of bed as if thrown out of it. The hotel room still smelled awful, despite both the windows being open. He had managed to convince Chloe to let him stay in the room for the night. For some reason, he felt it was the only way they could get an insight on what had happened at the hotel. Although skeptical, Chloe finally agreed to let him stay ‘one night and one night only’. Landon heard three loud bangs on the door.

‘Agent Miles, are you there?’

It was Mr. Morrison. Landon opened the door and invited him in.

‘No, thank you, I won’t stay long. I just wanted to check and see if you were alright.’
‘Well, as you can see, I’m okay, thanks for checking.’
‘Good, good. Did the janitor manage to wipe out the… – he hesitated, trying not to say blood out loud – stain?
‘Yes, he did a great job with the room, thank you.’
‘Good. Alright then, I guess I’ll head home for the night. I hope you’ll manage to get some sleep. Good night, agent Miles, God be with you,’ said the owner giving Landon an odd look.
‘Okay, good night!’

‘Yeah, God. May He be with me,’ thought Landon to himself, sarcastically. He had stopped believing in God a long time ago. In his line of work, it was hard to keep your faith intact while witnessing horrors you never thought possible.

It was 06:19 PM. Landon sat down on the bed and sighed. He thought of the nightmare. ‘Jesus Christ, what was that?! I’m already starting to hate this room.’

All he had to do now was wait.

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Level 2 – Chapter 1: Introduction
Level 2 – Chapter 2: Awakening
Level 2 – Chapter 3: Wallpaper

Level 2

Chapter 4 – Moving In

Saturday morning
08:06 AM

‘I need a sledgehammer!’

Chloe stared confused as Landon started to gently knock on the wall in front of him. He seemed perfectly calm and aware, and yet he had a crazy look in his eyes. Chloe didn’t like it.

‘Landon, what in God’s name are you doing?’
‘Just get me a sledgehammer, you’ll see.’
‘Chloe, trust me!’ said Landon staring deep into her beautiful brown eyes. ‘Focus, damn it!’
‘Fine. But this had better be good. Rico! You heard the man, get him a sledgehammer.’
‘Yes ma’am!’

Landon kept knocking on the wall until he suddenly stopped, apparently pleased.

‘It’s here!’
‘What is?’

Rico showed up just in time. ‘How the hell did he get it so fast,’ thought Landon to himself.

‘Here you go, sir.’

Landon took the sledgehammer, gripped it tight in his hands and began bashing the wall. Everyone stood stunned as they watched him demolish the wall in front of him. Before Chloe could react, a door appeared as Landon completely brought down a portion of the wall.

‘Chloe, call the owner.’
‘Jesus Christ…’
‘I doubt it.’

The owner was a 37 year old British man, tall and thin as a toothpick. He imposed no authority whatsoever and always seemed like he would bury his head in the ground as soon as anyone raised his voice at him.

‘Oh my… God… What did you do?!’
‘Morrison!’ He said, barely catching his breath.
‘Mr. Morrison, can you explain this?’ Landon pointed to the hidden door.
‘Yes… yes, I can.’ Said the owner staring bleak at the hole in his wall.
‘About a year ago, a little girl and her mother were murdered in that room by a serial killer that was later caught by the police and imprisoned. All customers who afterwards rented the room complained about noises at nightfall. They all said they heard a little girl crying and no one could ever sleep in that room. After about five complaints, we decided to seal off room #13.’
‘Room #13?’
‘Yes… I know.’

Landon reached for the door knob but before he could grab it and turn it, the owner handed him a set of keys.

‘The one marked 13.’

Landon inserted the key in the key-hole and gently turned it clockwise until it clicked open. He took a deep breath and reached for the knob again. He tried to open the door but it wouldn’t budge. It looked like something heavy was blocking it from the other side.

‘Mr. Morrison, is there any other way into this room?’
‘No sir, we even sealed off the windows.’

As Landon backed away from the door, the owner gave him a weird look.

‘You’re not thinking of…’

But before he could finish, Landon was already in the room. He had rammed the door open with all his strength. Not a single ray of light could be seen in the room. The only lighting present was from the hallway lights. Landon started moving his hand across the wall, looking for a light switch. He finally found one and switched on the lights. He almost gasped as he saw the room fully illuminated. It looked as if it had been abandoned for years. There was dust everywhere and the wallpaper had begun to fall. In the middle of the room Landon could see a disturbingly fresh looking blood stain. He knew all too well how it had gotten there.
Before he could raise his eyes from the floor, Landon noticed a broken chair on the floor in front of him. Apparently, the chair was the one blocking the door. ‘But how?’

‘Mr. Morrison, are you sure there are absolutely no other ways to get into this room?’
‘Mr. Miles, look around, do you see any other way in or out?’
‘Good point.’

Chloe stepped in.

‘Then how do you explain the chair blocking the door?’
‘Ms. Dawson, I have no idea, but after what I’ve just seen last night, few things can surprise me right now.’
‘Landon, what do you think?’
‘I think I need another cup of coffee. I also think whoever put that chair there never got out.’
‘What are you talking about? There’s no one here.’
‘What’s that supposed to mean?’

A moment later Rico walked in with a hot cup of coffee and handed it to Landon.

‘Damn. Now that’s what I call room service.’

Rico smiled and went outside. The stench in the room was appalling.

‘Mr. Morrison, do you remember the names of the two victims?’
‘Ms. Rachel Fanning, and her daughter’s name was Amy.’
‘What about the murderer?’
‘Robert Foss. An ugly old chap.’
‘You don’t say. Chloe, can you find out where he’s doing time? I want to have a talk with him.’
‘I’ll put my best man on it. Rico?’
‘Yes ma’am, right away,’ said Rico smiling as he felt proud to be Ms. Dawson’s ‘best man’.

Landon looked at the blood stain again. He couldn’t understand how come it looked so fresh.

‘Oh my God!’ gasped the owner.
‘Mr. Morrison, are you ok?’ asked Chloe, concerned.
‘What’s that doing there?!’

Landon followed his eye line.

‘The blood?’
‘Yes, the blood!’
‘Isn’t it from the murder?’
‘Yes, but… I cleaned it the day after the murder; the floor was spotless before we sealed off the room!’

Both Chloe and Landon were now looking at the blood stain. They stood there in silence for a couple of seconds before Rico rushed into the room.

‘Ms. Dawson, Mr. Miles, he’s gone!’
‘What? Who’s gone?’ asked Chloe impatiently.
‘Robert Foss! He was killed last night in his cell.’
‘Killed? In his cell? How?’
‘No one knows. I just got off the phone with the warden; apparently some of the prisoners heard a little girl crying in his cell around 11:20 last night. Soon after, screams of pain followed. When the guards opened his cell door, Robert Foss was… dead. His cell was covered in blood and his body had been dismembered.’
‘Oh for the love of…’
’11:20?’ said Landon interrupting Chloe. ‘Isn’t that about the same time the security guards were murdered?’
‘You’re right, it is!’ said the owner deeply disturbed by what was going on.

Landon kept his cool as he went outside, grabbed the sledgehammer and opened the room’s windows as Chloe and the owner watched him confused. Before Chloe could say anything, Landon started smashing the sledgehammer against the wall outside one of the windows.

‘Wait! Wait, what the bloody hell are you doing?!’ screamed the owner as loud as he could.

Landon calmly put the sledgehammer down and looked at the owner.

‘Mr. Morrison, surely you don’t expect me to spend the night in a room with no view, do you?’ said Landon with a faint smirk.
‘What?!’ yelled Chloe and the owner in unison.
‘Oh, don’t worry; I won’t be needing any bath towels.’

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Level 2 – Chapter 1: Introduction
Level 2 – Chapter 2: Awakening

Level 2

Chapter 3 – Wallpaper

04:52 AM

The moon was barely visible on the sky over New York. Landon pulled out his car keys and headed for an old Dodge Diplomat that could barely start, especially now with the cold weather. It wasn’t much, but it was his own. He had had that car for twenty years. It was a birthday gift from his father on his 18th birthday. It had been with him through a lot, both bad times and good times. Now it served more as a reminder of the better years of his life. The years that were gone, leaving only memories of what had been.

As he got in the car, the smell of pine cone filled his nostrils. He inserted the key in the ignition and rotated. He repeated the motion again and again.

‘Oh come on! Listen, I know the weather’s been hard on you, but don’t give up, not now of all times!’

Like magic, the engine roared to life.

‘There you go!’

He shifted into gear and pressed the acceleration, leaving his apartment building behind.

The only thing Landon could think of was Chloe. Chloe Dawson. She was fairly tall, brunette and had brown eyes. Her body was not much to envy, but she had the face of an angel. Landon would often think of her. He had fallen for her over the years. Unfortunately for him, she always seemed distant, emotionally unavailable, as if running away from any kind of commitment other than her job.

‘I wonder why she wants me there…’

For two years, Landon had been put on the side. He rarely ever did any field work and hadn’t seen any action in quite some time. During a sting operation, Landon had accidentally shot a teammate, killing him on the spot. His name was George Carlston, 28 years of age, married with two daughters. His life hadn’t been the same ever since. Every time he closed his eyes he could see the weeping faces of the man’s wife and children at his funeral. He had brought them so much pain he couldn’t deal with it all. He sometimes had nightmares about them, about the man he had killed. An FBI appointed psychiatrist, presumably one of the best, had done all he could to help him, but it was all for nothing.

As Landon pulled into the hotel’s parking lot, he was blinded by all the lights coming from outside the hotel. He got out and looked around at all the people gathered there, each doing something different but ultimately working together. They were like ants, hard at work to please their queen. Chloe waved at Landon from the hotel entrance.
Despite the hour, she looked well rested. She always did. Landon envied her.

‘It’s about time you got here!’
‘Good morning to you too.’
‘Rico, get him a coffee! Fast!’
‘Yes ma’am!’ said a young man who was standing nearby.
‘May I ask what I’m doing here?’
‘Yes, you may.’
‘Patience, you’ll see.’
‘Where’s Jeffrey?’
‘He’s on an assignment in Washington.’
‘I see. So out of all the people you could have called, you decided to call me.’
‘You’re welcome.’
‘Here’s your coffee sir.’

Chloe motioned for Landon to follow her inside the hotel.

‘Come on, this way.’
‘Your wish is my command.’
‘Is that supposed to be funny?’

Landon barely had any room to walk around all the people moving about. He knew that whatever was going on had to be something big. Two paramedics passed him by, pushing a gurney that carried what seemed to be an empty body bag. What the… As they ascended to the second floor, Landon felt a strange smell. It was getting stronger by the step.

‘Get ready.’
‘For what?’

Chloe opened the door to reveal the hallway of the second floor. As Landon walked through the doorway, he was shocked at the image before him. Hollywood horror movies were nothing compared to this. The whole hallway was red with blood. The cup of coffee trembled in his hand as he gripped harder and harder on the handle.

‘Jesus Christ…’
‘What happened here?’
‘Beats me. We got a call from a woman who’s staying here. She was awoken by screams coming from the hallway. When she opened the door, she saw the walls and ceiling covered in blood and human limbs scattered throughout the hallway.’

‘The body bag,’ thought Landon. ‘It wasn’t empty. Its contents were merely dismembered limbs from what used to be a person.’

Landon motioned to the surveillance camera in the corner.

‘What about the camera? Can’t you watch the recording?
‘We did, but…’

She paused a moment.

‘You’ll see. Come on, there’s more.’
‘You have no idea.’

They left for the surveillance room on the third floor. After reaching the third floor, Landon was horrified of the idea of seeing another hallway like the one bellow. To his relief, everything seemed in order; until they got to the surveillance room. His eyes were now bulging again at the sight of another murder scene. All the monitors except one were covered in blood. He felt like he was in a Stephen King novel.

‘Dear God, please tell me this is the last one.’
‘It is.’
‘Now would be a great time to explain everything.’
‘John Leechman, 43, worked here as a guard for two years, was killed last night in the hallway. The other, Albert Conrad, 47, was in charge of surveillance for three years. He was killed in this room at about the same time as Leechman.’
‘Who the hell could have done something like this? Or better yet, what?’
‘I should probably show you the recording.’

Chloe reached for the mouse and clicked on a play button in the lower left-hand corner of the screen. Landon watched in amazement as a little girl holding a doll slowly walked towards the guard. He was acting like he couldn’t see her, which made Landon feel very uneasy. When static filled the screen, Landon almost fell relieved, but he was soon startled by the sudden appearance of an image. The guard was no more. Instead, blood and limbs covered the hallway. Level 2 – Hallway said the text on the monitor.

‘I’m… at a loss for words. Is that it?’
‘And… what exactly did I just watch?’
‘Like I said, beats me. I assume you just watched the murder of John Leechman.’
‘So you’re telling me that little girl did that?! Come on, Chloe, be serious!’
‘I’d be happy to hear your opinion on the matter.’

Landon looked back at the monitor. He didn’t know what to make of what he had just seen.

‘I’m not feeling very well, I’ll be right back.’

He walked out of the room, even more disturbed by the way his shoes stuck to the blood on the floor. He went to the bathroom and splashed some water on his face.

‘This is just what I needed’, said Landon sarcastically to his reflection. Suddenly he heard a noise. It was a familiar one. His keys had fallen on the floor. He grunted and as he reached down to get them, he hit his head on the sink.

‘Oh for the love of…’

He grabbed the keys and put them back in his pocket. As he looked back in the mirror the lights started to flash. After a couple of seconds they completely went out. Landon thought it was probably a power surge. He pulled out a lighter and pressed a button that turned on a small led at the other end of the lighter. I knew this would come in handy. As he headed for the door, he realized that all the voices had stopped and he could hear nothing from beyond the door. As he opened it he saw the same thing – nothing.

‘They sure left in a rush.’

As he headed for the surveillance room at the end of the hallway he saw a faint light coming from the second floor. He looked back at the door leading to the surveillance room and called out for Chloe.

‘Is anyone there? Chloe?’

The lack of an answer and the abundant silence made him tremble. He knew something was very wrong. He decided to follow the light coming from below. As he descended, he could hear the cry of a girl getting louder with each step. When he saw the hallway, he completely froze. It was all back to normal, as if nothing had ever happened. No blood, no smell, nothing. Oh God. I died when I hit my head on the sink, didn’t I?

Towards the end of the hallway, he saw a door was open, letting out some light. He figured that’s where the crying was coming from. He started walking towards the door. As he got closer, his heart raced faster and faster, to the point that his heartbeat was louder than the girl’s crying. As he stood in front of the door, he could see a little girl holding a doll, crying over a woman’s bloody body. He was too terrified to move.


There was no response. Then, all of a sudden, he saw a man coming from behind the girl. He was holding a knife. As he raised his hand, Landon knew he had to do something. Before he could make one step, the door slammed shut and he heard a scream coming from inside the room. He started pounding on the door and yelling.

‘Wait! No! Stop!’
‘Landon! Landon, calm down!’
‘Landon, what’s wrong?’

Chloe was there. The lights were suddenly on and everyone stood in silence, watching him. When he looked in front of him, he realized he was pounding on the wall.

Level 2 – Chapter 1: Introduction

Level 2

Chapter 2 – Awakening

04:27 AM

Landon Miles lay asleep on the couch in his living room. A faint light was creeping through his windows, barely fighting the darkness in his apartment. A small window leading to the balcony was open, letting the cold inside. Clothes, pizza boxes and beer bottles were scattered all over his living room. Lately he barely had any time for anything other than his job and a small meal consisting of a pizza and beer.

Landon’s job was everything to him. He would often spend several days in a row at the office, working, eating and sleeping on the small uncomfortable couch in his office. He was always subject to discussion among his colleagues, who kept telling him to go home and stop being such a workaholic. But Landon rarely paid any attention to them and would always wave a tired hand at them, saying he was fine.

When someone would ask him if he knew what ‘f.i.n.e.’ stood for, he would raise both his hands, waving them the middle finger, faintly smiling and asking them whether they knew what that meant. That always made his colleagues laugh.

This time he had caught a small break and had managed to get home before twelve o’clock. Rare were the nights when he would get home before 03 AM. Landon saw it as a great opportunity to catch up on his much needed sleep.

Unfortunately, this was not the case.

Three minutes to 04:30, his phone started ringing. Landon barely moved his lips, hearing the phone ring as if in a dream. He soon realized he wasn’t asleep anymore.

‘What the hell…’ said Landon to himself as he looked around the room.
‘Oh, for the love of…’ He grabbed the phone and yelled ‘Hello!’
‘Who wants to know?’ Landon was pissed.
‘Landon, it’s Chloe. Listen, I’m in Manhattan at the Alderney hotel. We’ve got quite a situation here, I need you here pronto!’
‘What? You’re kidding, right? Why the hell would you want me to come, why not call that douche bag Jeffrey, like you always do?’
‘OK, first of all, if you would stop ranting on about him and spent more than five minutes with him you’d see he’s not that bad. Second, I gave you an order. Now get your ass here, now!’
‘Chloe, do you know what time it is? It’s 04:30 for crying out loud!’
‘Landon, honestly, do you think I care?’
‘Alright, alright, geez. I’ll be there as soon as I can.’
‘Make it sooner, Landon!’

She hung up.

‘Boy, is she in a mood.’

Landon got up and stretched his arms.

‘God damn it, I finally get a break and this shit happens. I wonder what’s going on.’

He went to the bathroom, he took a quick shower and went back in the living room. As he walked in, he stopped for a moment and looked around. He saw his breath as he exhaled and realized his living room was colder than his fridge. He noticed the small window opened.

‘Great. Just great.’

He rushed to the window and slammed it shut.

‘Wow, talk about bad weather.’

The storm had gotten worse within the last four hours. Landon thought that if hell ever froze over, that’s what it would look like.

He quickly put on his clothes, shaking from the cold. He went to the other side of the room, straightened his clothes and flashed a badge to the mirror. ‘Landon Miles, FBI.’

‘Looking good, Landon. Looking good.’

He put on a coat and winked at the mirror.

‘This had better be good, Chloe.’

He grabbed his gun and his keys and walked out the door, slamming it shut behind him. Little did he know, this would be the last time he saw his apartment.

Imi spunea Pebbles acum ceva timp, dupa ce mi-a citit o compunere, ca ar trebui sa scriu mai des. Ei bine, asta seara ma lovi creativitatea asa ca ma apucai de ceva, zic eu, mai serios si mai diferit. Ma gandesc sa scriu ceva mai mult, insa nu voi face totul deodata. Mai jos e primul capitol. Nu stiu cand va veni si al doilea, dar cred ca va fi destul de curand.

Level 2

Chapter 1 – Introduction

11:14 PM

It was quiet in the small Alderney hotel on the east side of town. The guests had all fallen asleep inside their rooms, leaving the hallways empty and silent. The only two people awake were John and Al, the security guards.

‘Boy, can you believe this weather?’ radioed Al to John as he glanced out the window.
‘It’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen,’ replied John through his walkie-talkie.

They were talking about the snow storm. It was probably one of the worst New York had ever seen and there was no sign of it calming down. The weather reports were far from optimistic and what was more unsettling was everyone’s lack of knowledge regarding what was going on.

‘I tell you, Al, if this keeps up, we might find ourselves snowed in in no time.’

‘I hear that,’ said Al grinning towards the ceiling, with his hands under his head and his feet on the desk.
‘Well, at least we’ve got enough food,’ shrugged John at the security camera, waving a tired smile.

Suddenly they heard a loud bang coming from outside. The power went down and every light in the hotel disappeared.

‘Whoa! What the hell was that?’
‘I don’t know John, but it didn’t sound good.’

Al looked out of his office window and saw the power lines on the ground, next to the pole that had been supporting them.

‘Crap!’ he sighed. ‘John, it seems the storm took down the power lines. The backup generator should kick in in a couple of seconds.’ And it did. The lights slowly went back on throughout the hotel.
‘Damn storm,’ ranted John.

Al turned away from the window and looked at the monitors. For a moment there, he thought he was seeing things. He took off his glasses, wiped them with his sleeve and put them back on.

‘What the hell?!’

On the monitor that said Level 2 – Hallway he could see a little girl standing in the middle of the hallway, facing the doors. She was just standing there, with what seemed to be a doll in her hand.

‘Uhm… John?’

‘Yeah, Al?’
‘I think there’s a little girl lost on the second floor, could you go and check it out?’
‘Sure thing.’

Al watched John on the security cameras as he went up the stairs to the second floor.

‘I’m here Al, where is she?’

‘What do you mean?’

‘What do you mean ‘what do you mean’, where is she?’
‘You’re kidding, right? She’s right there, at the end of the hallway, near the camera.’

John looked left and right but could see no one.

‘Al, there’s nobody here, man. Are you sure she’s on the second floor?’
‘For Christ’s sake, John, yes, I can see you both on the camera! This isn’t funny, just go and see what the hell’s going on and get it over with!’ Al wasn’t in the mood for jokes.

John could sense the impatience in Al’s voice. Still, he had no idea what he was talking about. There was only one person in the hallway, and that was him.

‘Look, she’s even coming toward you now.’

John was at a loss of words.

‘What are you doing? She’s right there, you idiot!’

‘Damn it, Al, there’s no one here!’

‘She’s 8 freaking feet from you, how can you not see her?!’
‘Al, you’re scaring me, man, I’m telling you, there’s no one he…’

Static. Static was all that Al could hear now, and all that he could see. It was like someone had disabled every security camera at once. He gazed out for a couple of seconds at the monitors. He was bewildered.

‘John, what the hell’s going on? All the cameras are down. Can you hear me?’

Then Al heard something on his radio. Beneath the static, he could here someone’s voice. John’s voice. But he wasn’t talking. He was screaming. It stayed like that for several seconds, when it suddenly stopped. Al stood frozen in his chair, with his radio against his ear. He stood like that until the cameras suddenly went back on. The static was gone. When he saw the monitor, his jaw dropped and he let the radio fall on the ground. Al was now completely stunned. He couldn’t believe his eyes. He had never seen anything like this in his entire life.

He saw John. He was everywhere. Literally. Bits and pieces of his body had been scattered all over the hallway. The floor, the walls and even the ceiling were all covered in blood. He could see John’s blood sliding off the camera lens. The little girl was gone. Al had never been so afraid in his entire life. He was literally shaking with fear.

He remembered about the radio. With his eyes on the monitor, he reached down to grab it. As he held the object in his hand, he realized it felt weird. When he looked in his hand he saw a doll.


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