Dear Diary – September 15th, 2010

Initial voiam sa scriu asta dupa ce scriam despre cum a fost la munte, dar va dura ceva pana voi lua pozele si de la ceilalti si in plus… postez acum pentru ca asa m-ai rugat TU. :)

Dear Diary

September 15th, 2010

Dear diary,
Something happened today. I’m not sure what, but I feel pretty strange about it.

The day started out great. I got up, washed, ate, and left for school with a couple of friends. When we got there it was really cool since I got to see some of the colleagues I haven’t seen since June. An hour after we got there, Mrs. Scott came in the classroom with a girl. We were all sitting in our desks wondering what was going on. This girl… there’s something about her. She’s… I don’t know what she is. Mrs. Scott started telling us who she was and what was going on. Or at least I assume that’s what she said. I saw Mrs. Scott’s lips moving, but nothing was coming out. It was like the world had stopped for a moment. This girl… I can’t find the words to describe her. At one point I saw her looking at me. I kept staring at her for a couple of seconds until the guy behind me patted me on the back and I woke up from… whatever dream I was in. I looked back at her and she was looking back at me. I noticed that so was Mrs. Scott. Apparently, seeing me alone in the desk, Mrs. Scott wanted to make her my desk mate. When she asked me if I was okay with it, I just stared at her as if I had no idea what the hell was going on. I finally managed to let out a faint “okay”.

Within the first five minutes of her sitting next to me, I began sweating as if I had been running in a marathon. I could catch glimpses of her looking over with the corner of her eye. For fuck’s sake, it was the most embarrassing thing ever. I sure hope she doesn’t believe in first impressions, because if so, I’m royally screwed. The entire time she sat there I didn’t say a word. I don’t even know her name.

Since this was the first day of school, we didn’t actually spend a lot of time at school. Thank God for that, because I have no idea how much more I could have taken. When it was finally time to leave, she got up, waved at me and said goodbye. My God what a voice. Her voice is like a drug, I swear. I completely froze. I opened my mouth but the words wouldn’t come out. I just stood there, looking like a complete retard. All that was missing was drool dripping down the corner of my mouth. It wasn’t until the same guy from before snapped his fingers in front of my face that I managed to say “bye”. She smiled and walked out. I’ve… her smile… it’s… I think… oh Christ.

This has been the strangest day of my life. I have no idea what happened. Do you think this is… no, it can’t be. I don’t believe in love at first sight. And yet, what other explanation is there?

The moment she walked out the door it was like I was released from a trance. I looked at my friends and they all started laughing. Fuckers.

Tomorrow’s gonna be different. It HAS to be!

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