Dear Diary – September 16th, 2009

Dear Diary

September 16th, 2009

Dear diary,
I still think it’s dumb how every entry in a diary starts with “dear diary”.

School is really weird. It’s because I don’t know anyone. It feels like I don’t belong there. Pretty much every one of my colleagues seems to be comfortable with everything. I spend most of my time in my desk, while others are socializing and whatnot. I know I said I’m not that comfortable when meeting new people, but this time I’ve got 28 new people with which I spend 7 hours a day. That’s a bit overwhelming if you ask me.

I think my colleagues think I’m a weirdo. I know I would. I haven’t spoken one word with anyone since I started. Well, actually, that’s not true. Remember that weird kid from yesterday? Yeah, he’s back, and apparently he’s pretty excited to be staying next to me. He strikes me as someone with little or no friends, and yet he’s always so cheery and smiling. Even he got to speak to a bunch of my colleagues. I think he’s a pretty good guy, but he’s kind of strange. I can’t quite put my finger on it.

I’ve noticed several boys in my class that seem to be the “popular kid” type of guys. I wonder if I’ll ever be like that. They seem to fit in great. Even the not so “popular kid” type of guys seem to fit in great. Then… what am I? They must think I’m some kind of loner. Damn! I don’t want to be the creepy kid that no one talks to.

I used to be a “popular kid” type of guy. Pretty much everyone in my old school knew me, or rather knew about me. I was kind of a trouble maker. One event that surely brought me in the spotlight was when I broke a kid’s nose. That was two years ago, in the seventh grade. He was like this dork that pretty much no one liked. Most of us would pick on him pretty often. I was the worst, but I guess you already figured that out since I said I broke his nose. It was actually an accident; I didn’t break it on purpose. I’m not THAT guy. Still, I was pretty much an ass hole back then. High school is going to be a lot different. I’m not that kid anymore.

The teachers are ok so far. There’s not much I can say about them since I still haven’t met them all and the ones I’ve met only spent an hour in our class room. Mrs. Scott came to check up on us today. I really like her so far, she seems nice. She saw me sitting in my desk and came over to ask how I was doing, smiling. I said I was fine, smiling back. She nodded and started talking to my desk mate.

The girls in my class are pretty typical. None of them really caught my attention today. They seem so… boring. Ah well.

This is Chris, signing off. (I’ve gotta’ find a better way to end an entry, sheesh.)

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