Dear Diary – September 17th, 2009

Dear Diary

September 17th, 2009

Dear diary,
Today pretty much sucked.

I said in my last entry that I haven’t talked to any of my colleagues, except one, the weird kid. Well guess what? Even the weird kid ignored me today. And he’s my desk mate, for Christ’s sake. But wait, there’s more! As if that wasn’t enough he actually moved out today. Yeah, after the first four hours he moved out. For good. With some other kid three desks back. Without even saying a word.

That got me thinking. I’ve been calling him ‘the weird kid’ up until now, although I know he’s name’s Adrian. But today I realized something. He’s not the weird kid. I AM! I mean, look at the facts: I haven’t talked to any of my other colleagues, none of them have talked to me, I always sit alone in my desk and sometimes I catch some of my colleagues staring at me. And not in a good way. Honest to god, I have no idea what the hell is going on. The way things are going, I’ll finish the 9th grade and no one will even know my name. Well, actually, that would be the case if the teachers didn’t call out our names at the beginning of each period.

Today I had my earphones with me. I just figured that if today would be like the first two days, at least I’ll have my music with me. And unfortunately, it was worse than the first two days, but at least I had Papa Roach to comfort me.

I’m not in the mood for any more writing. I’m not even sure there is anything else I could say, considering how utterly boring today was.

Anyway, I’ll… ‘see’ you tomorrow. Maybe.

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