Jack and His Friends

Jack had a friend. His name was John.

Jack had another friend. Her name was Rachel.

Jack was always happy, he was always funny, he was always full of life. Jack loved Rachel. But she didn’t know. She had no idea. No one did. Jack was never good at showing his feelings towards girls.

Rachel and John got together. That made Jack very mad. But they didn’t know. No one knew what was troubling him. Jack used to spend a lot of time around them. Which would make him even madder. Jack would always try and be the same old funny guy everyone liked. And most of the time he succeeded. But beneath all the laughs, all the jokes and well-being, lied pain, suffering and anger.

Jack started to hate himself for his feelings. He wished they would all go away. He wished the pain would stop. He wished it would all stop.

And then he killed them.

The end.

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