Level 2 – Chapter 2: Awakening

Level 2 – Chapter 1: Introduction

Level 2

Chapter 2 – Awakening

04:27 AM

Landon Miles lay asleep on the couch in his living room. A faint light was creeping through his windows, barely fighting the darkness in his apartment. A small window leading to the balcony was open, letting the cold inside. Clothes, pizza boxes and beer bottles were scattered all over his living room. Lately he barely had any time for anything other than his job and a small meal consisting of a pizza and beer.

Landon’s job was everything to him. He would often spend several days in a row at the office, working, eating and sleeping on the small uncomfortable couch in his office. He was always subject to discussion among his colleagues, who kept telling him to go home and stop being such a workaholic. But Landon rarely paid any attention to them and would always wave a tired hand at them, saying he was fine.

When someone would ask him if he knew what ‘f.i.n.e.’ stood for, he would raise both his hands, waving them the middle finger, faintly smiling and asking them whether they knew what that meant. That always made his colleagues laugh.

This time he had caught a small break and had managed to get home before twelve o’clock. Rare were the nights when he would get home before 03 AM. Landon saw it as a great opportunity to catch up on his much needed sleep.

Unfortunately, this was not the case.

Three minutes to 04:30, his phone started ringing. Landon barely moved his lips, hearing the phone ring as if in a dream. He soon realized he wasn’t asleep anymore.

‘What the hell…’ said Landon to himself as he looked around the room.
‘Oh, for the love of…’ He grabbed the phone and yelled ‘Hello!’
‘Who wants to know?’ Landon was pissed.
‘Landon, it’s Chloe. Listen, I’m in Manhattan at the Alderney hotel. We’ve got quite a situation here, I need you here pronto!’
‘What? You’re kidding, right? Why the hell would you want me to come, why not call that douche bag Jeffrey, like you always do?’
‘OK, first of all, if you would stop ranting on about him and spent more than five minutes with him you’d see he’s not that bad. Second, I gave you an order. Now get your ass here, now!’
‘Chloe, do you know what time it is? It’s 04:30 for crying out loud!’
‘Landon, honestly, do you think I care?’
‘Alright, alright, geez. I’ll be there as soon as I can.’
‘Make it sooner, Landon!’

She hung up.

‘Boy, is she in a mood.’

Landon got up and stretched his arms.

‘God damn it, I finally get a break and this shit happens. I wonder what’s going on.’

He went to the bathroom, he took a quick shower and went back in the living room. As he walked in, he stopped for a moment and looked around. He saw his breath as he exhaled and realized his living room was colder than his fridge. He noticed the small window opened.

‘Great. Just great.’

He rushed to the window and slammed it shut.

‘Wow, talk about bad weather.’

The storm had gotten worse within the last four hours. Landon thought that if hell ever froze over, that’s what it would look like.

He quickly put on his clothes, shaking from the cold. He went to the other side of the room, straightened his clothes and flashed a badge to the mirror. ‘Landon Miles, FBI.’

‘Looking good, Landon. Looking good.’

He put on a coat and winked at the mirror.

‘This had better be good, Chloe.’

He grabbed his gun and his keys and walked out the door, slamming it shut behind him. Little did he know, this would be the last time he saw his apartment.

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