It feels weird

It’s odd how so much can change in so little time.

He’s been thinking about doing something like this for a couple of weeks. He just never got around to it. His mind is elsewhere. It’s happening all over again. Somehow it feels different. Or maybe it feels the same. He can’t quite tell the difference anymore. He may not feel it, but he knows it. This time, it’s different. IT IS! SHE IS!

He just slipped on purpose. He had no intention of doing it, but he did it anyway. With the push of a button. Well, seven. He thinks it’s odd how an old book he read so many times has resurfaced with new meaning. It has unraveled new feelings about it. The story’s the same and yet it’s so much more appealing now. He thinks he’s grown. Maybe he now better understands the book, as he should have a long time ago.

The book looks old, like it’s been read so many times. He just hopes he’ll have a chance to read it the way he was supposed to, the way that now feels so right.

Hidden meanings lie within. He’s saying it, but only for himself to understand. The time will come to share. He just knows it. Time. He’s not much of a patient person, but strange things tend to happen.

It’s odd how so much can change in so little time.

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